Apearances/School Visits

Pajamarama at Valley View Elementary, Los Angeles

Jerry is available for school visits (in person and via Skype), in-store events, conferences and other functions. He is a seasoned public speaker who has appeared at numerous national conferences. He loves being with either grown-ups or kids and can tailor his presentation to your needs.


Let’s Ruin Cinderella! 

(Good for grades 3-5) Jerry uses an interactive presentation (about 20 minutes, projector or Smart Board required) to show students that different authors have interpreted the Cinderella story in many different ways. Then, through a guided excercise, he helps them come up with their own version of Cinderella. Each student gets a worksheet to help them build their own story. Then, Jerry can stay around to help students as they compose their stories, guiding them through the creative experience.


Here’s what people are saying about Jerry.

Reading/signing at Barnes & Noble, Upper East Side, NY, NY

“Jerry Mahoney gave an engaging, funny, and inspiring talk at our event. He was happy to interact with conference attendees as well, which not every speaker is willing to do. Working with Jerry was a real pleasure; he was very willing to develop a talk that fit well within into our overall program, his follow up was impeccable, and he brought sincere warmth to every interaction.” – Andrea Middleton, WordPress.com, organizer of PressPublish conference

Reading/signing at Book Soup, Los Angeles

“Jerry is the kind of speaker who makes all the other speakers seem stuffy and boring. He brings charm, energy, and a self-deprecating (yet perfectly brilliant) humor to whatever he’s presenting. I’d sit up and pay attention to Jerry talking about celery, and I HATE celery.” – Mary Laura Philpott, author, PENGUINS WITH PEOPLE PROBLEMS

If you’re interested in booking Jerry for an appearance or school visit, please contact me here.