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Here’s a brand-new series from Capstone Publishing for everyone who loves fairy tales… or who can’t stand them!

In these books, a girl named Maddie has to put up with her obnoxious stepbrother, Holden, who loves nothing more than to point out the plot holes in her favorite classic stories.

His gripes are actually pretty spot-on… so much so that he breaks the stories, and the two feuding step-siblings have to go into the tales to try to fix them and give the characters back their happily ever after. Each book is full of humor, adventure and surprises, and each one lets you look at a well-known story in a hilarious new light!



Holden points out the ridiculousness of a man needing a shoe to track down the woman he supposedly fell in love with. Wouldn’t he remember her face? And don’t a lot of women have the same size foot? What a bad plan!

Soon, he and Maddie are thrust into the story, only to find that the Prince is now engaged to a Wicked Stepsister, and the Fairy Godmother is a little miffed that Cinderella disobeyed the one rule she gave her and stayed out past midnight. Will Maddie and Holden be able to set things right, or will Cinderella remain a miserable housemaid forever?

“One of the most hilarious books I’ve ever read! I loved, loved, loved this super funny book!” – Kid Book Reviewer


mrsr - beauty and the beastBook 2: MY ROTTEN STEPBROTHER RUINED BEAUTY & THE BEAST

Holden doesn’t get it: if the Beast gets cursed for being shallow, why is he allowed to break the spell by marrying a total babe? If that’s the case, has he really learned anything? And how do they know Belle’s feelings are real? Maybe she has Stockholm Syndrome, where prisoners fall in love with their captors.

The next thing they know, Holden has become a lawyer in a fairy tale version of France, forced to defend the Beast on kidnapping charges. Maddie is a confused Belle, convinced by her dad to play the field and see if there are better options out there than a short-tempered monster who held her in his castle against her will. Together, they explore where beauty really comes from and figure out if Beauty & Beast were really destined to be together.

“Four Stars! Brought back warm memories of me binge-reading the Whatever After series.”Belle’s Book Blog



Holden thinks Aladdin has it all wrong. He can wish for anything, and all he wants is for a princess to fall in love with him? Lame! If he had three wishes, the first thing he’d wish for is a million more wishes. Then, a hoverboard. Oh, and having no parents would be great, too.

Well, all of Holden’s wishes come true when he becomes Aladdin, and for the first time, he has no interest in fixing the fairy tale. Life with a genie waiting on you hand and foot is SWEET! How will Maddie convince him to give all this up so Aladdin can marry the princess and they can go home? It won’t be easy, since she finds herself thrust into the story as a camel, and her rotten stepbrother refuses to use one of his wishes to change her back to a human.



Holden has been messing up fairy tales so much that now Maddie can’t help doing it herself. She’s playing Snow White in the school play, and she can’t help wondering why the princess doesn’t just gorge on some greasy food and give herself acne to get her jealous stepmother off her case. Holden has his own thoughts, like how Snow White should be training the dwarfs in karate so they can kick the Queen’s wicked butt.

Soon, Holden is the Huntsman, Maddie is Snow White, and a major showdown is looming. Plus, the step-siblings are given the chance to break the spell that sends them into all these fairy tales once and for all. Plus, Holden gets to make a decision that could get his annoying stepsister out of his life for good. What will he choose?

Buttheads From Outer Space cover

BUTTHEADS FROM OUTER SPACE (Coming March 6, 2018 from Sky Pony Press!)

Sixth graders Josh and Lloyd only want to hang out with some fun aliens — and maybe enlist their help getting revenge on their rival Quentin. But their plan to show some E.T.s what a cool planet Earth is works too well, and now the buttheads want to take over the planet. Oops. Now the boys are going to need to work with Quentin, or Earth is doomed!

“I laughed my butt off!” – NYT bestselling author Chris Grabenstein, ESCAPE FROM MR. LEMONCELLO’S LIBRARY

You can buy these books at your local bookstore or check them out at your local library. (And if they don’t have them, ask if they’ll order them for you!) They’re also available at these and many other online retailers: